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project goal

"Duyunov's motors" is a crowdfunding project for the developments of the Russian engineer D.A. Duyunov

Thanks to his technology the company is making the most efficient electric motors in the world.

The prototype models of various motors for electric transport as well as general purpose industrial motors are ready and have already been tested.

project goal

Construction of the enterprise capable of:

  • Developing electric motors using Duyunov's technology
  • To manufacture own products in pilot

market-ready product is made

Several prototypes of hub motors with the unique patented
winding system "Slavyanka" have been developed that excel all known similar motors.

Duyunov's technology has found application in various fields

Motorcycle vehicles
Electric cars

The project history and plans

The development was funded by the developer
The start of project crowdfunding

Year 1995

The research and development of the technology started 20 years ago

Year 2011

The beginning of wide practical application of combined winding motors and obtaining the first patent.

Year 2012

Award for the best innovative project in XI Russian Innovations Competition.

Our electric machines successfully undergo tests in various systems and areas outperforming their rivals.

Year 2013

Donetsk: testing electric locomotive "Era".

After modifying the electric motor using Duyunov's technology, "Era" handles 11 cars instead of 5.

Kiev: a trolley bus with a modified motor was tested.

Year 2014

Tyumen: the modified wind power synchronous generator produced the same amount of electricity at the wind speed of 2 m/sec as the original motor at 5 m/sec.

Year 2015

Lutsk and Kiev: successful application of the technology to the electric bus motor.

Germany — Monaco: reengineered full-drive electric car Renault Kangoo demonstrates record performance excelling all same-class electric cars.

February: the start of developing the first induction hub motor in the world

June: the second prototype of the hub motor was produced. Improved motor parameters and coordinating controller operation with the support of Curtis.

November: Producing the 3rd prototype of the hub motor. Participation in the exhibition in Moscow in the Central House of Artists with the support of the Global Wave.

Testing the hub motor in Germany with the support of Elmoto.


Start of crowdfunding
Mass production of motors based on Duyunov's technology has been launched by the project partners
Renting and repairing the premises for the production sites
Purchasing the first equipment for the project needs
Preparing the package of documents for entering the special economic zone"Technopolis "Moscow"
Launching the laboratory and testing area

Year 2018

Test bench equipment for testing electric motors has been mounted
The testing area for producing the first batches of motors was equipped
The agreement with a major investor was signed about additional funding of the project if needed
Mass production of motors based on Duyunov's technology has been launched by the project partners
New patents have been obtained and the applications for more patents are filed
The agreement with the Chinese authorities of Weihai province was signed about the protection of intellectual property of Duyunov
The letter of intent was signed with the companies from Russia, China and Europe that are ready to order customized motors made using Duyunov's technology to meet their needs
The application for entering the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" was accepted


Obtaining patents
Entering the SEZ Technopolis "Moscow" ("Alabushevo" site)
Construction of the design engineering department
Producing the pilot batches of electric motors based on Duyunov's technology
Signing agreements with the customers
Start of commercial activity, completing the first orders
Mass production of motors based on Duyunov's technology has been launched by the project partners

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